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Mel Tyler MD
UK, Philippines
November 2017

After purchasing a property off plan in Dubai during 2005, just like many foreign overseas investors, I found myself in the untenable position of having paid stage payments to a local Developer as stipulated in the original Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA) but with no evidence of construction work having begun onsite by the 2007 property completion date stated in the original SPA, I embarked on what would prove to become a very lengthy 10 year “rollercoaster ride of litigation”.

Initially utilising the services of a UK Solicitor, approaching Dubai International Arbitration Center (DIAC) myself, after receiving poor legal advice that it would be difficult to bring a case against the Developer on clauses contained within my property SPA. Engaging a local Dubai Solicitor, whom despite winning my enforcement case & successfully defending an appeal by the Developer through Dubai Cassation Court to overturn the enforcement order granted on my DIAC award, finally informed myself that there was “no possibility” that I would ever be able to enforce the DIAC award & collect any money from the Developer due to the developing company having no legal assets.?!!

Contacting “Motei & Associates” offices in early 2016 with very little hope of being able to collect the hard fought DIAC award, “even though I had successfully defended the award through the entire Dubai Court legal process over the past 5 years” I met with Ashraf El Motei at his Dubai office. Ashraf’s pragmatic overview of my case & his resolute belief that he & his team could succeed where others had tried & failed was the “positive reinforcement” I had been waiting so long to hear to resolve what had become a “nightmare litigation journey” with a subplot worthy of any farcical sitcom!

Ashraf & his team worked tirelessly on resolving my arbitration enforcement case, providing accurate updates throughout every stage of the process with Ashraf ‘s astute perceptiveness & patience proving pivotal to successfully enforcing my DIAC award through the Dubai Court process to a positive conclusion in October 2017 for which I will be eternally grateful.

Motei & Associates corporate ethics, unwavering professionalism & honesty puts them top of my list for legal representation globally! Thank you All so much for your hard work.

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