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Employment – Confidentiality Agreement
Posted: June 6, 2021 | Under: Employment Articles

An employment contract is a contract entered into by two parties, usually called the employer and the employee. On signing the employment contract, the parties are bound by the terms of the contract set out in form of contractual obligations, provided that the said terms are in contrary to the relevant provisions of the law, regulations and public morals. However, the said terms of the contract may be permissible despite the fact that it is not in consonance relevant laws if the term would be in favour of the employee. Examples of legal obligations provided by law is the legal... read more

Redefining Crimes Involving Cheques
Posted: November 23, 2020 | Under: Articles UAE Law Update

The UAE Cabinet approves key decree amending Commercial Transactions Laws pertaining to bounced cheques and issuance of cheques without value As part of the UAE’s continuous efforts to strengthen the country’s position and role as a leading hub for business and embracing major players in the commercial and economic sphere, the UAE Cabinet approved a decree amending certain provisions of the Federal Law on Commercial Transactions. The Decree’s main objective is to strengthen the value of cheques as a prominent tool in commercial transactions. This is expected to come into force in 2020 and has redefined crimes involving cheques to encompass the... read more

Combating Cybercrime: The UAE Federal Public Prosecution warns against accessing data without authorisation
Posted: November 16, 2020 | Under: Articles UAE Law Update

In a video clip posted on its social media platforms, the Federal Public Prosecution outlined and highlighted the punishment for committing actions considered a cybercrime under the UAE Law. As per Article 4 of the Federal Decree-Law No. 5 of 2012 on combating cybercrimes, accessing a website, electronic information system, computer network or information technology without prior authorisation shall be punished by temporary imprisonment and a fine not less than 250,000 AED and not in excess of 1,500,000 AED. This is applicable if the access is intended to obtain government data as well as any confidential information relating to financial, commercial,... read more

A Commitment Towards Tolerance and Diversity: The UAE Announces Major Changes to Regulate Personal and Family Laws
Posted: November 9, 2020 | Under: Articles UAE Law Update

In line with its robust reforms to boost the country’s economic and social standing, the UAE announced on Saturday major changes to several personal and family laws affecting a large number of people both residing within the UAE and/or merely visiting. This broadening of personal freedoms not only enhances the UAE’s efforts towards tolerance, but also highlights the country’s success story as a melting pot for over 200 nationalities, different cultures, religions and races harmoniously co-existing. This move will continue to strengthen the UAE’s position as a leader in the international arena, and the ideal destination for foreign direct investment. Some... read more

Prepare your business to comply with the UAE Economic Substance Regulations
Posted: May 3, 2020 | Under: Corporate & Commercial Articles

In response to an assessment of the UAE’s tax framework by the European Union (‘EU’), the UAE introduced a Resolution on the Economic Substance Regulations (the ‘Regulations’) on 30 April 2019. The Regulations require UAE mainland and free zone companies and other UAE business forms (including Dubai International Financial Centre (‘DIFC’) and Abu Dhabi Global Market (‘ADGM’)) that carry out any of the ‘Relevant Activities’ listed below. What are the Economic Substance Regulations? The UAE introduced Economic Substance Regulations to honour the UAE’s commitment as a member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (‘OECD’) Inclusive Framework on Base Erosion and... read more

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