The UAE Warns of the Repercussions of Misleading Justice through False Testimony

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False testimony can lead to death sentence or life imprisonment.

To make a false statement willfully and knowingly about a material fact under oath with the intention to mislead justice can result in a range of penalties as outlined by the UAE Public Prosecution.

In a social media campaign aimed at spreading awareness, the UAE Public Prosecution outlines the consequences of false testimonies.

As per Article 253 of the Federal Penal Code, whosoever gives false testimony “shall be sentenced to detention for a term less than (3) three months, whoever gives a false testimony before a judicial authority or an organisation having jurisdiction to hear witness after oath, denies the truth, or keeps silent about all or part of the relevant facts of the case known to him, regardless of whether the witness is admitted to testify or not, and of whether his testimony was accepted or not in such proceedings.

Should he perpetrate such act during the investigation of a felony or trial thereof, he shall be sentenced to term imprisonment. In case the false testimony leads to death sentence or life imprisonment, the author thereof shall be sentenced to the same penalty.”

The campaign seeks to educate people about the law, and promote justice and fairness in all proceedings.