New Procedures to Support DIFC Digital Companies Engaged in Commercial Transport Sector

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On 30 November 2022, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) signed an agreement with Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), to support and regulate the commercial transport activities of companies and institutions based at the DIFC.

RTA will be responsible for regulating and issuing no-objection certificates to companies engaged in commercial transport or leasing activities in Dubai through the website of the Authority or through smart applications or websites used by these companies. DIFC will be legally authorised to issue the licences to companies and institutions operating within the Centre.

The agreement outlines RTA’s role in issuing permits to entities that have obtained DIFC approvals to conduct commercial activity, and also provides DIFC with details of the policies and guidelines relating to the private and commercial transport and leasing sector that will enable these entities to conduct their business.

According to the agreement, DIFC will direct companies/entities to follow RTA guidelines by obtaining a permit from the Authority to work outside the Centre’s free zone in the commercial transport sector or any related activities that fall within the Authority’s mandate. In addition, those who own vehicles with a traffic file and operate outside the free zone must adjust the status of their business and apply for the necessary permits or commit to only working within the free zone. In turn, this will support RTA in conducting inspections within the free zone.