New penalties for latepayment of salaries. 

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Applicable sanctions:


Lists of sanctions and finesthat can be imposed against a company that fails to pay wages on time:


  1. Third and 10th day after the due date:     Companies will receive official reminders to pay wages.
  2. 17th day after the due date: Issuance of new     work permits will be suspended. Companies with 50 or more employees will     be subject to inspections from the ministry and warnings.
  3. 30 days after the due date: Notification to be     issued to the public prosecution for the legal measures to be initiated     against the company. These measures will be initiated against companies     employing 50 to 499 workers, firms with 500 or more workers, and those     that have been classified as high-risk establishments by the ministry.
  4. 60 days after the due date: Issuance of new     work permits is suspended for the breaching establishment, as well as any     other firm exclusively under the same owner of the breaching     establishment.
  5. For repeated non-compliance: In case a company     repeats any of the violations or accumulates more than one violation, then     it can be subject to inspections from the ministry, a downgrade to a     lesser category, and fines.
  6. Three months after the due date: Requests for     issuing or renewing work permits shall be suspended. Company to be     referred to public prosecution and fined if an inspection visit after six     months of non-compliance reveals the absence of a working relationship.