MOFAIC Attestation Services Going Exclusively Online

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All attestation services provided by the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) started to be fully completed online on Monday, 18th of July 2022. This is applicable to all customers in the UAE.

The MoFAIC has published a guide on their website outlining the steps to follow for both individual and businesses to obtain the service. Customers can avail e-attestation services through MoFAIC’s website and smartphone application. Before applying for the service, they strongly advise to ensure that all the documents you wish to get attested have been attested/stamped by relevant authorities.

People with determination, senior citizens and senior residents will be given priority services by calling their contact center.

This is hassle free since MOFAIC offers pick up and drop off services. However, a document could not be attested on an urgent-basis or on the same day as MOFAIC does not entertain walk-ins anymore.