Launch of Smart Travel System at Dubai International Airport

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With a reputation for being one of the top destinations in the world, Dubai has officially launched the ‘Smart Travel’ system on Monday, 22nd of February. Through artificial intelligence and utilization of latest biometric technology, a combination of iris and facial recognition, the Smart Travel system enables passengers to travel without the need for identification papers.

So far, a total of 122 smart gates have been upgraded in the departure and arrival halls at the airport as well as 8 registration terminals which were set up at the first and business class check-in counters of Emirates Airlines. The smart tunnel has also been set up near immigration counters at the first and business class departure terminal. Passengers now have the option to either use the smart gates with their Emirates ID or the new smart tunnel system which uses facial recognition.

Noora Al Mazrouie, the Director of the Future Border Department at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA), explained “First-time users can register their passports on the facial recognition system at the check-in counters. Once registered, the registration is valid till the individual’s passport or visa expires. Once it expires, they can re-register themselves on the system,”

Here are the steps on how to use the system:

  1. Check-in and register on the smart tunnel system at the check-in counters
  2. Proceed to Immigration.  Passengers who have ‘Smart Tunnel’ printed on their boarding passes can walk through the smart tunnel while non-registered users can continue to use their Emirates IDs or passports at the smart gates
  3. During final boarding, passengers can use the same mechanism at the boarding gates without needing to show their travel document.