Ejari Smart App: Register Your Tenancy Contract in Minutes

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There is no requirement to get the tenancy contract reviewed by the real estate service trustees.

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) has introduced new online services wherein the landlords in Dubai can now register the tenancy contracts and renew them online. The intention is to provide more cost-effective services and help save time and efforts of the customers.

The new Ejari smart application enables sending the tenancy contracts digitally by the landlord to the tenants for approval and vice versa. There is no requirement to get the tenancy contract reviewed by the real estate service trustees.

The aim behind introducing the smart app is to align DLD to Dubai’s Smart Vision and the paperless strategy by reducing customer visits to service centres by 80%. This initiative covers all types of tenants even where the property is not managed by a licensed real estate company.

The smart app is an interactive platform where the tenant needs to register the tenancy contract data on the app. The landlord shall then receive an SMS to review the same, and approve the application /contract submitted through the app. The Ejari contract shall be ready and can be used in all transactions and the same can be submitted to governments, institutions, service providers, etc.

One may logon to https://www.smartejari.com/Account/Register and register an account. Once the registration is confirmed, the user will be directed to log in.  Different applications such as new application or renewal for commercial unit, new application or renewal for residential unit, and cancellation of Ejari are found once the user is logged in.  Instructions, forms, list of requirements and fees will be shown on the succeeding pages.  Upload all the necessary documents and pay the equivalent amount online for the required application. Once the payment is made, their PRO will go to your location to pick up all the requirements.  Ideally, the user will receive the Ejari certificate in 24 hours without any difficulties or worries.  For further assistance, the user may logon to their website and reach out to their email and/or chat support team.