Dubai residents can now get married in 24 hours!

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On 1st of February 2023, the UAE has implemented a non-Muslim family court for expatriates. As part of the new Federal Personal Status Law, a new service was launched by the Dubai Courts to help non-Muslims complete their marriage ceremonies and get a marriage certificate within 24 hours.

Application requirements

• The applicants must not be Muslim.

• One of the applicants must be a resident of the Emirate of Dubai.

• The minimum age requirement is 21 years old. Their age shall be verified by the document issued by the state of their nationality (e.g., Birth Certificate).

• The applicants must provide proof of their single status by submitting an attested marital status certificate from their country of origin’s embassy.

• The applicants must be present in person or have a representative present with a power of attorney.

• All original identification and other electronic documentation must be in PDF format.

• During the application process, the applicants must bring their Emirates ID, original passport, and a copy of their Dubai residency permit.

• All documents must be legally translated into Arabic by an agency recognized by the UAE Ministry of Justice and fully certified by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Step-by-step guide for couples to get their civil marriage contracts in 24 hours:

• Go to a Dubai Courts service centre.

• Complete a digital form.

• A designated employee will verify consent from both parties.

• After confirmation, the document will be electronically signed.

• The document will be sent to a judge to ensure all legal requirements are met.

• Upon verification, the judge will sign the document.

• The marriage contract will be officially documented and approved electronically.

• The applicants will receive the document via text message and email.

Marriage conditions

• The spouses shall not be less than 21 years old.

• Both spouses are required to give consent to the marriage before the authentication judge, and prove that there is no legal impediment that prevents the marriage.

• Both spouses are required to sign the declaration form.

• Marriage shall not be established between siblings, or with children, grandchildren, or uncles.

• Any other conditions prescribed in a decision of the chairman.


The fee for obtaining a civil wedding license in Dubai is AED482 which comprises of AED220 as service fees and AED262 as court fees.

Indeed, this service will regulate marriage conditions and the procedures of contracting and documenting the marriage before the courts and specify the procedures of divorce that can be initiated jointly or unilaterally.