Digitisation of RTA Licensing Services

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‘Click and Drive’ will digitise the entire process of obtaining drivers’ licenses, including a first-of-a-kind mobile eyesight testing service in the region that is currently run by Al Jaber Optical.

The mobile eyesight test is operated in a vehicle at a time and place selected by the customer with an additional fee, enabling the instant renewal of the driver’s license.

The system enhanced the standards of governance in the car rental business, facilitated the monitoring of operational processes, and elevated the efficiency of inspection and controlled operations by automating tasks, which saved the time and effort of RTA’s inspectors.

Click and Drive initiative helped in reaching 92% of the digital transformation and minimized the average service delivery time from 20 to 5 minutes. It also saved customers’ time and effort by narrowing the service procedures from 12 to 7 steps, resulting in a 53% drop in customer visits to driving institutes.

This new service is another successful strategy to accelerate the processing time and convenience not only for the customers but also for RTA’s inspectors.