COVID-19: Employees Must Get a PCR Test Every 7 Days

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The UAE government has taken measures to protect the health of the employees from the the spread of Covid-10 virus.

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resourced (FAHR) announced that starting 24th January 2021 the following updated procedures to combating the COVID-19 pandemic are to be implemented:

Federal government employees, outsourced companies and public services companies contracted by federal government entities on a full-time basis will be required to perform a PCR test every seven days.

Consultants and Experts who will attend meetings or be present at government office premises are required to confirm recent PCR test results performed within three days.

The exceptions to the above are those who have received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. In addition, employees with health conditions that prevent them from taking the COVID vaccine will still need to take the test every 7 days, but the expense will be borne by the entity they work for.

These new measures echo the UAE government’s efforts in addressing COVID-19 and protecting the health of employees in the spread of the pandemic.