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Motei & Associates recognizes the need for specialist advice and services tailored to investors who wish to take advantage of the opportunities that the Jebel Ali Free Zone offshore jurisdiction in Dubai (“JAFZA Offshore”) and the Ras Al Khaimah offshore jurisdiction in Ras Al Khaimah (“RAK Offshore”) provide. Our range of services includes company formation in both offshore jurisdictions, management and bank opening assistance. Our local presence in Dubai and the UAE gives us the breadth of knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure that you are provided immediate and timely services.

All JAFZA Offshore and RAK Offshore companies must fulfill certain legal obligations in order to maintain their standing. To ensure the smooth running of your company, our corporate services department provides comprehensive services (as mentioned below), both statutory and non-statutory, to suit your company’s requirements.

Incorporation of your Offshore Company
We handle the incorporation of your JAFZA and/or RAK Offshore company. This will include first advising you on whether JAFZA or RAK Offshore is the right venue and jurisdiction for your business or personal requirements. Once we have determined the most suitable offshore jurisdiction for you, our services will include checking the availability of the proposed name, preparation and submission of the application forms and other required documents, preparation of powers of attorney or resolutions as may be required.

Registered Agent Services
All JAFZA and/or RAK Offshore companies require a Registered Agent situated in the UAE. The Registered Agent acts as the liaison between the offshore company and the relevant authority. In addition, the registered office of the offshore company is the office of its Registered Agent. The registered office shall be the effective address for receiving all of the offshore company’s communications. As part of our services as your Registered Agent, we provide the following:

  • Maintain statutory registers – this will be maintained on a secure database to ensure your company details are kept up-to-date and ready for inspection.
  • File annual renewals with the Registrar of Companies.
  • Provide an information sheet indicating the annual statutory obligations of the company.
  • Patent, royalty and copyright holding.
  • Real property ownership registration.
  • Ship management and yacht owning.
  • Personal and corporate tax planning.

Additional Services include: Share Transfer Documentation; Preparation of Annual General Meeting Minutes; Preparation of Powers of Attorney; Shareholder’s Resolutions; Board of Directors Resolutions; Changes to Company’s Directors/Secretary; Company Name Change; Amendments to Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Bank Account Opening
We provide assistance in opening corporate bank accounts for your JAFZA and/or RAK Offshore company with both local and international banks in the UAE. Assistance can also be given to open a bank account in other jurisdictions. Before deciding where you require the account to be opened, please consider the communication barriers you may encounter e.g. different time zones and different languages (business in the UAE is conducted in English and Arabic).

Nominee Services
We provide Nominee Director and Nominee Secretary Services. For JAFZA Offshore, Corporate Directors/Secretaries are not permitted; therefore a Partner in the firm will be nominated to fill these positions under a Nominee Director/ Secretary Agreement. RAK Offshore permits corporate Directors/Secretaries.

Notarization and Legalization of Documents
We assist in notarizing and legalizing the corporate documents of the offshore company for the use in other jurisdictions. There are over 75 foreign Embassies and Consulates situated in the UAE.

Audit Reports
Motei & Associates has established relationships with licensed Auditing Firms to provide clients with audit report at reasonable costs. The reports are prepared annually at the close of each calendar year (or otherwise as required by the client). In addition, in the event of dissolution/de-registration of a JAFZA and/or RAK Offshore Company, a Dissolution Report must be filed with the Registrar. This Report must be prepared by a licensed Auditing Firm.

Commercial Transactions
Complemented by the expertise of our commercial and dispute resolution teams, we provide a comprehensive service to our clients and can assist clients with all types of commercial transactions.

Re-mailing, Fax, Telephone and other facilities
We provide a registered office address in order to meet both the JAFZA and RAK Offshore Companies Regulations requirements. We also provide various additional services, an annual or monthly charge, as follows:

  1. Re-mailing facility (except bank statements which is including in our annual fee).
  2. Fax forwarding or scanning and emailing facility.
  3. Re-mailing, fax forwarding, and additional actual posting/courier and fax facility.
  4. Telephone answering and message forwarding (via email) facility.

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