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General Guideline on Divorce for Non-Muslims in UAE
By Sonal Das of Motei & Associates
December 9, 2018

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has the highest number of expats living in the region, constituting over 80% of the country’s population. Dubai being the number one in the list ...... read more

An Overview of the New Law Managing Wills and Estates for non-Muslims Expatriates in Dubai
By Ashraf El Motei of Motei & Associates
November 19, 2017

The long-awaited law no. 15/2017 concerning management of estates of non-Muslims and execution of their wills (‘law’) seeks to create a clear legal framework that regulates wills and estates for ...... read more

What expatriates need to know on divorce laws in the UAE
By Zina Adjal, Corporate/ Commercial Associate of Motei & Associates
February 15, 2017

The beauty of the UAE is the diversity of its population. Out of the 9,2 million residents of the UAE, the expatriates form approximately 8 million of the population. Divorce ...... read more

A Safer and Happier Life for Children in the UAE
Highlight on the New UAE Child Protection Law “Wadeema Law”
By Ashraf El Motei
May 9, 2016

It is comforting to know that a blind eye will no longer be turned to these horrific events taking place within the privacy of one’s home. The killing of Wadeema ...... read more

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